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Revision, Essay, &
Exam Technique

Revision, Essay, &
Exam Technique

Revision Technique: Books are heavy and expensive to transport. Students often bring study materials on holiday and stare at them with no useful idea of how to revise effectively. We can teach students to structure their time and equip them with the tools for effective revision for exam success. Simple aids, such as pneumonics, are invaluable, and help to order information that can be produced at the appropriate moment.

Essay Technique: Expressing facts and ideas clearly and succinctly is fundamental to exam and essay success. Identifying the necessary information for the task, and communicating this in writing is a skill that can be taught. Essay planning, sentence length and construction, and clear expression within the required number of words, and time, if applicable, are key. Galloping at an essay with no clear vision of the finish line will result in an unfocused and inconclusive piece of work for which the student will lose marks.

Exam Technique: Time management, planning, and playing to the student’s strengths are the building bricks of exam success. Being properly prepared and equipped engenders confidence, eliminating last minute panic revision, and exam nerves that can be detrimental to best performance.

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